When you lose your passport, students need to calm down to handle, not to panic, think back to where you can lose in any situation, and quickly do the following things:

-Get a police certificate and go to the diplomatic office.

When you lose your passport, you must inform the local police and your country’s diplomatic representative as soon as possible.

With this confirmation, you will have a proof of identity after working with the insurer or the nearest for an emergency passport.

In addition, this is a piece of paper that helps you find the help of organizations and individuals when you are abroad.

And you need to find the diplomatic offices of Vietnam located in the country, here you will be supported, guide what to do when lost passport.

– Visit your branch or Western Union bank.

If you are abroad alone, you must look for a bank or international money transfer service.

At Western Union, you can make a money transfer service from home.

If you own a global bank account, you can go to a branch of that bank in your country of residence to contact a bank transfer.

– Thanks to local organizations

You can get support from local organizations from meals, travel, accommodation while waiting for your passport to be reissued.

Or you can go to public places to use free wifi to communicate with family and relatives for help.



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