Goat noodles, satay noodles, lobster noodle or lobster grilled filter is the delicious  but strange mouth delicious place happens to be called the city is not sleeping – Saigon.

Goat’s noodles

Goat goats are one of the not so popular dishes in Saigon, however, according to gourmets, “changing the taste from familiar to goat to goat still has a strange sense of mouth.

Goat meat for noodles is usually cut larger than the thumb, meat must have a golden skin is the perfect piece of meat. Besides meat, eye, viscera, tongue, pín, cucumber … are used and many customers prefer. In Saigon, finding a shop selling goat noodle is not easy, the sale counts not enough one hand.

Not only processing, cleaning process for users also picky. Noodles must be fresh, chopped with hot water, added to the bowl, chan to use less water. Goat meat must be left alone, if left to eat, the temperature of goat meat will make the noodles will be broken and vice versa.In order to have a delicious and tasty goat meat bowl, the unpleasant smell of goat meat must be processed right at the processing stage with alcohol, vinegar … After processing, the meat is marinated with a series of esoteric spices. hours. Finally stew over large fire for 10 hours. The finished product is a cockroach-like, semi-curry-like, half-breed cowhide.

Steamed rice noodles

Saa is a mixture of Indian-Malaysian addicts, when imported into Saigon, Chinese chefs have skillfully calibrated, reducing some basic spices to reduce the smell of characteristic recipe. as the tongue tear the tongue, while mixing some other spices to form a very special version of Saigon.

The most delicious dishes of Saigon sausage include hot potato salad with rich aroma spread from the pot of smoked sausage cooked with peanut powder with lots of special spices such as salmon, Cucumber, curry, cinnamon, curry, artichokes … This fascinating dish is almost sold to Saigon with not many restaurants (about 10), usually in districts 5, District 6 or District 11.

Soup of satay noodles in addition to the sweet taste of bone tunnel is also the skillful combination of more than 20 different spices. Thanks to that, it is full of sour, spicy, fatty, salty, sweet. Sautéed potatoes are usually cooked with deer meat or beef, sometimes with pigs. The most commonly seen and most appreciated are sautéed fennel – the kind of meat that has a remarkable sweetness.

Tofu flour filter

If the noodles are usually made of rice flour, the filtered noodles are made of filtered flour. Therefore, the noodles are not slender and often square, easy to pick up. When cooked, the noodles are soft. The dai makes diners even eaten.

At present, there are two restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City. One is rice noodles on Truong Dinh Street. One is the Vinh Long ribs on Pham Viet Chanh street.

Stewed tofu

The lobster is a combination of the delicious taste of the sauce combined with the sweet taste of viscera water, fresh coconut juice, the fat of coconut milk, spicy, aromatic of cinnamon, five flavors, soft fillets of the same “full” with liver, towels, leaves, flaps, honeycomb, fruit, sugar cane leaves …

Vietnamese style spoons have three lines. The first is to use the broth of tilapia and taste in the way of the seller. Type two, broken water is cooked with coconut water. Finally, use broth (such as water to cook noodles, tofu) and cut into lice. These three lines are often found around the schools of Saigon. The price of one bowl ranges from 25,000 to 30,000 VND.

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